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This is the main page for the annual camp++.

this wiki should serve as the main organizational wiki for all contributions to make the camp a wonderful experience for all of us.

getting a user on this wiki

to register on this wiki: register here - for the field "Passcode to register" use the magic word: engedjbe

Since we require valid emails as usernames but don't want you to leak this to the world it is advised to set a real name here. Afterwards you're done to contribute away.


  • web page with Call for Participation (CFP, still open, please participate!) and schedule (Fahrplan): https://camp.hsbp.org/2018/pp7e2/
  • we have an active IRC channel on IRCnet #camp++

Contributions (aka *OCs - but in small)

Conference room crew

  • only
    • on the first three days with talks (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
    • in the afternoon/evenings (depending on the number of talks)
  • introducing speakers (see Heralds on the 34C3 wiki)
  • recording the talk
    • monitoring audio and video
    • mixing video sources (DSLR and frame grabber) using voctomix
    • pan-tilt-zoom if speaker moves
    • equipment provided by HAVOC, contributions for backup + improvement welcome!
  • handling communications with sound tent (see below, should be IP based)
    • asking sound tent crew to announce that a talk is about to start
    • relay announcements from tent area to audience and/or people in Guyon

Sound tent crew

  • supervision of the mixing console and power amplifier
    • protection from weather (especially when shutdown in the night/dawn)
    • access control for background music
    • public announcements using the microphone
    • equipment provided by HAVOC, contributions for backup + improvement welcome!
  • handling communications with conference room (see above, should be IP based)
    • asking conference tent crew to announce things like weather report (cover your tents) or food progress
    • relay announcements from conference room (such as a talk is about to start)

food crew

  • volunteers for shopping food and drinks - every day once
  • volunteers for cooking - every day one meal

Communications crew


gear we need

  • community tents
  • pillows, couches, etc for the community areas
  • cooking gear for at least 50 people
  • TeaHouse material and logistics

Ideas for improvement from last meeting of camppp7e1

  • Communication:
    • sending invitations to previous attendees
      • I'm not sure how we should do it, the ticketing system intentionally doesn't store information after the end of each event ~dnet
    • ask what attendees can contribute during registration
    • bring a chalkboard for shopping list and announcements
    • stream talks (at least) locally, so that people doing things like cooking at the camp-site can also listen to them
      • HAVOC will try this, especially since we already have a voctomix setup, however if we need more than just audio, a TV would be great for afternoon talks, when a beamer won't be much visible ~dnet
    • have an introductory session in the beginning as the first plenum
  • Camping:
    • take care of yourself, bring cutlery and dishes, don't assume it to be provided
    • distribute checklists based on congress, camping and nerds traveling guides
  • Trash:
    • give a trash bag along with the wristband to everyone in order to help and encourage people collect trash
    • have a trash policy, collect it selectively
  • Campsite:

Further ideas

  • Lost and Found desk:
    • Items left behind from previous years, if the owner is still not found, could be put in a box in a visible place
    • Maybe a policy for how long they are kept
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