camp++ main wiki


This is the main page for the annual camp++.

this wiki should serve as the main organizational wiki for all contributions to make the camp a wonderful experience for all of us.

getting a user on this wiki

to register on this wiki: register here - for the field "Passcode to register" use the magic word: engedjbe.

Since we require valid emails as usernames but don't want you to leak this to the world it is advised to set a real name here. Afterwards you're done to contribute away.


  • we have an unused mailinglist: camp2017@lists.hsbp.org
  • we have an active ircchan on ircnet #camp++

Contributions (aka *OCs - but in small)

video crew

  • someone volunteering to record the talks - should be done in shifts

food crew

  • volunteers for shopping food and drinks - every day once
  • volunteers for cooking - every day one meal


  • setting up networking on day0 - wifi in the venue and wifi on the camp-site
  • tearing down networking on day 4


gear we need

  • community tents
  • pillows, couches, etc for the community areas
  • cooking gear for at least 50 people

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Upcoming Events

1)  Tue 02 of May, 2017 19:00 CEST
2)  Tue 09 of May, 2017 19:00 CEST
3)  Wed 10 of May, 2017 18:00 CEST