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On some tables and in the rooms you can connect via RJ-45 to the wired network if you find a switch.
Bring a 15m-20m cable for each device you want to connect.
Optionally, bring & connect a small ethernet switch when connecting multiple devices.
Do not unplug or connect your device to the red-labeled ports. It might break the uplink or WiFi access point links.



The following SSIDs are provided:
Camp++WPA2 802.1X (see below), 5GHzseal_of_hspbp_approval.png
Camp++ legacyWPA2 802.1X (see below), 2.4GHzlegacy network for airtime fairness
Camp++ insecureopen, 2.4GHz+5GHzmind the gap

WPA2 802.1X, encryption

With security by obscurity in mind we provide WPA2 802.1X protected SSIDs. This will encrypt your traffic, preventing attackers from sniffing your data. Keep in mind that this won't protect you from other network attacks and you should still be aware that you are at a hacker camp! Your link layer should be secure if you do certificate checking (see below).

You can use any username/password combination when using EAP-TTLS with PAP to login (example: "user: fbhfbhiaf pass: bgufwbnkqo" is valid), because we don't care who logs in and who you are. We just want to encrypt your data.

Users who use MSCHAPv2 (like Windows users with default 802.1X supplicant) should use a fixed username and password. You can use "camp/camp" or "guest/guest" as "username/password".
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