Swarms are great for showing of emergent systems. As you can see the initial idea itself lead to an emergeance of some wild hacking. An erlang workshop sparked the first installment:

* erlang swram
* dnet implemented a viewer: swram-opengl in python with GL.
* asciimoo did a python implementation: pyswarm, this is also evolving nicely.
* stef forked it and took it to the next level, including multiple species.

The simulation currently consists of agents belonging to 3 species. These species are linked in a closed food-chain. The agents in the simulation mate when they are healthy and have at least one mate in their vicinity. The agents also hunger and have different zones of attraction and repulsion for each other.

The simulation generates a stream of colored coordinates, which the display engine renders into a live animation. stay tuned for some nice videos.

Further improvements to be considered are a genetic algorithm mutating the species and porting the simulation to some massively parallel vector processor like a graphic card for example.
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