Software Defined Radio

Software-defined radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been typically implemented in hardware (e.g. mixers, filters, amplifiers, modulators/demodulators, detectors, etc.) are instead implemented by means of software on a personal computer or embedded system. While the concept of SDR is not new, the rapidly evolving capabilities of digital electronics render practical many processes which used to be only theoretically possible.

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Tier zero (driver)

  • main driver is RTL-SDR from the fine Osmocom guys.

Tier one (SDR to voice/data)

Tier two (voice to data, using the above)

  • QSSTV (SSTV encoder + decoder)
  • slowrx (SSTV decoder)
  • fldigi (multimode encoder + decoder)



2832 chipset with e4000, fc0012,fc0013, R820T/T2 tuner chip seems eligible. Recommended tuners are e4000 and R820T/T2. Covers 52MHz to 2.2GHz (depending on tuner chip). Linrad has special alternative gain setting method for e4000/r820t maybe worth experimenting with it.
Other SDR HW is listed here


Extends your frequencies by converting lower frequencies to a range receivable by the receiver.
Buy it, Build it.

Low Noise Amplifier


Try some coax TV antenna.
For shortwave try these:

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