Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro


Image source: Official website

Board dimensions

155×140×20 mm


Steel case

0,6 steel case by endre

Plexi case

Materials needed:

  • ~2000 HUF 1dl plexi glue
  • ~4000 HUF 120×50 cm plexi
    • 6 piece of 20,8×17,9 cm and
    • 6 piece of 23,2×14,0 cm
  • possible source of the above: Innotern Kft.

Tools needed:

  • MrT can get a drill-bit to use with fab@home
  • sample box by endre
  • box dimensions by dnet .CATDrawing file
  • fab@home model RSPRO_CASE.stl preview
  • 8 pieces of M3 screw (4 for the board, 4 for the box cover)

20:35 endre: 1300 v 1600 ft volt az anyagkoltseg
endre: a hajlitast, lezervagast okosba megcsinalta kollega
eapo: cucc ittmarad hakkban


18:52 25/11/2011
rspro_box_bottom-size rspro_box_top-size
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