ReflowMaster2000plus deluxe PRO

Welcome fellow! You came to the right place to find out more about the awesome Reflowmaster2000plus Deluxe pro.


You might want to go straight to our github repo of awesomeness

The incredible Reflowmaster2000plus Deluxe PRO is a reflow controller for the hackerspace afficionado. It provides a light interface to measure heat and control some 220V device powersupply. You can interface this with anything that is able to bang some GPIOs, but we supply you with a simple arduino sketch to get going quickly. All the processing is done in the python based PID controller.

closeup.png setup.png

Schema and PCB

Of course the Kicad blueprints for the unbelievable ReflowMaster 2000+ Deluxe pro are available also on our fine github account.

btw, we <3 kicad!!!5!

here's some fine images to marvel at:

rfm-schema.png rfm-pcb0.png rfm-pcb1.png



Parts (BOM)

reference packaging type
p1 2x4 header
c1 SM0805 10uF
c2 SM0805 100nF
c3 SM0805 10nF
r1 SM0805 10k Ohm
r2 SM0805 500 Ohm
r3 SM0805 4,7k Ohm
r4 SM0805 1k ohm
r5 SM0805 100-500 Ohm (depends on D4 and U2)
r6 rm10 6.2k Ohm
u1 SO-8 LM358 (TLC2272)
u2 DIP-8 moc3063M
u3 TO-220 bta24
d1 to-92 lm385-1.2
d2 SOD-80 bat46
d3 SOD-80 c5v6
d4 3mm led
kty do-34 KTY84-130 (temp. sensor)

PID controller frontend

note: on debian 9, it works if you install the dependency pypid from source and the others via apt:
git clone https://github.com/drogenlied/pypid.git
cd pypid && sudo python setup.py install
sudo apt install python-{nose,numpy,serial,scipy,tk,aubio,matplotlib}

All the control logic is implemented in a python client, that you can start by running

python reflowcntrl.py /dev/ttyUSB0

In case the arduino/other microcontroller driving the wonderful reflow master 2000 plus deluxe pro is indeed connected to /dev/ttyUSB0, this should provide you with a CLI prompt, which helpfully provides a `man` command.


man: provides help on commands
bake: starts the baking process
stop: stops the baking process
disp in: displays the currently measured temperature
spt: displays the current value of the target temperature
pwr: displays the currently driven power
quit: very useful in case you're done baking smd.

The nice display show-cased in screenshots under the controller controller accuracy section , is shown only after issuing a bake command. shows up at the beginning, displaying the loaded profile in blue, so you can verify it before issuing a bake command.

... there's other commands for fine-tuning the PID params, i guess they should be documented too.

PID controller accuracy

The accuracy of the amazing Reflowmaster 2000+ deluxe PRO is world famous, while average solder paste works in the ball park of 30 degrees thresholds, the fantastic Reflowmaster2000+ Deluxe pro manages within 1-2 degrees accuracy, see our measurements for yourself:

tempcurve1.png tempcurve2.png tempcurve3.png tempcurve4.png tempcurve5.png

Building a Reflowmaster

Getting the components

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