The Hackening

phew. it's over. it was awesome. here are some reactions and pictures:

T-shirt design

You can get the svg source here (2010, stef CC-By-Sa)


Location at Google Map




20th of February, 2010


this schedule is not official. approach is more organic, use only as a guideline and basis for further discussions.
estimated start time title presenter comment
13:00 opening everyone we start our preparations for the party
17:00 intros multiple
17:00 intro of our hackerspace stef: pre-historic, misnyo: fogashaz, ??:??
17:30 Slovakian Hacker scene Juraj
17:45 Hungarian Hacker scene dnet
18:15 Open Music everyone
20:00 lightning-talks multiple
20:05 HackSense dnet
20:15 hacking laws stef
20:25 "SMS Ticket (+1) or Mifare hacking (+2) Pavol please vote which one
20:35 Scriptable SSH Juraj
20:45 Opensource HW + benefits of sharing Constantin Craciun (http://harkopen.com) 10min
20:55 hacking taxes qp
21:05 thisplay hacking Tiszai Gyula
21:15 Live Music Asciimoo and the Penguins
22:30 fundraising auction ?? we need items to auction!
22:45 8bit Music Failotron
23:59 hack the party - the best on-site partyhack ?? tbd
00:10 Party Music Fercsa
??:?? closing down the last one standing


  • Our czeh, romanian (harkopen), slovakian and austrian (metalab \o/ neighbours \o/
  • supporters
  • newtech meetup
  • hackerspaces.org list
  • others?


  • barbecue on the terrace (Chef: pepe, Sous-Chef: peti)
  • Indoor activity: wok food on the stove (chef: stef)
  • yard open fire (paprika potatoes - Chef: misnyo)


  • vegetables by pitipota? needed: potatos, paprika, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, carrots, peas, cucumber, bamboo shoots, spinach, asparagus, rice
  • meat, fish, sausages?
  • spices: soy sauce, salt, pepper, paprika, curry, squid sauce, oyster sauce.
  • we need to plan, how many people we want to feed, for how much and for what price to offer.


  • need to fix the indoor stove!
  • knives, plates, forks, spoons
  • bogracs
  • wok


  • sidbox
  • failotron - perhaps complete budapest micro - gadget
  • hacker-metal-folk-jazz (buherator,asciimoo,storm,stef,who-else-you?) - Juraj and his Stylophone.
  • fercsa
  • w?


  • Primarily the guys at fogasház serve booze.
  • Bartenders supporting the guys at fogashaz: buherator, asciimoo
  • Beer offered by kancellar? - we need to send them the price + our bank account no.
  • Green beer from gadget
  • we need have lot's of mate! :)

Party HW

  • VJ
  • Minimalist soundstuff(misnyo) "It's really minimal, only if it ain't enough"
  • "There are some microphones, 8 channel mixer, and stands around."
  • "2pcs Martin SCX500-as Scanner" controller sw: opendmx, lots'o links, semi-free
  • "1pcs 1200W DMX strobe"
  • "1pcs GoboFlower"
  • beamers (maxigas, fogashaz?, mas?)

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