LED display compo 2014



Note: these may change depending on the number of submissions
  • interactive: uses joystick or other user input
  • service consumer: uses some API as input
  • self-contained: no input is used, e.g. animation with/without sound



Submit your program/script to ldc2014 at hsbp dot org as an attachment or a link to a downloadable copy before 2014-07-27 23:59:59 CEST. If your submission requires any additional dependencies (non-GNU/Linux OS, libraries, external hardware, etc.) please indicate these as well. A subset of the submissions will be ran during a small demoparty (date/time TBA), there will be an option to use you own setup to drive the display, please inform us if you'd like to do so in your mail as well.


(shamelessly copied from Solskogen)
The compo crew reserves the right to disqualify entries that are too unserious, boring, bad, or contain racist, pornographic, disturbing or otherwise illegal content. We do not allow previously released material to be entered into any of our competitions. Nor do we accept contributions that look 99% like something released by you or your group already. There is remixing, and then there is downright lazy. We will not tolerate the latter. The democrew is all-knowing and all-seeing, and of course we have the final word in cases of doubt.

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