Heating control

In order to prevent fires, the heating control disables heating appliances in the hackerspace as soon as HackSense is switched to closed. Source code is available at https://github.com/hsbp/heat


  • have a remotely accessible interface to turn on the heating at most 1 hour before arriving if the space is closed (switches off heating if noone opens the space within 60 minutes)
  • extend to support multiple heating appliances, boilers, ventilation fans
  • measure energy consumption, display it on LED display and/or web interface

Version 0.2 (latest, sadly abandoned)

Version 0.1

  • /dev/ttyS0 was kept open in a Python shell running within screen
  • DTR was toggled by running Python with the -c switch: https://github.com/hsbp/heat/blob/2c9bdb7/set.sh
  • hardware is controlled by DTR on COM1 (/dev/ttyS0) using a Sharp S216S02 Solid State Relay capable of switching up to 600V 16A, a 10A fuse protects from overcurrent and short circuits, see schematic below


The keypad controls a PC the controller is connected to. The SSR with the silver heatsink is visible behind the fan, the orange extension cord runs directly from the controller to the heating applicance.

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