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2013-09-27 - 2013-09-29

GSM network

NMHH has been notified, they'll get in touch with us - looks promising
The local uplink is 4 mbit/s only (they'll upgrade it next year), so a local microwave uplink will be provided at additional cost.


  • Misnyo volunteered for serving it
  • We should get club mate directly from Vienna
  • our supplier (clubmate.hu) brings Mate and probably some other booze as well


Some parts of food will be delivered by car.

Currently we have:
  • 5kg jasmin rice
  • 10p conserve
  • Knoppers and Triplex
  • Some munchies (mogyi)

Plus the chocolate/cookie shop can be possibly added.

We will have a very small kitchen.
A FireWoodStove will be delivered also. /tuzkorso

Streaming the talks


Depends on location.

Financial nuances

  • entry / person 4500 HUF
  • showers 220.000HUF for all 3 days
  • conference room 30.000 / day
  • tour of the venue 200 HUF / person
  • coffee machine 10.000 / 3 days


  • We need some design for t-shirts
  • Festival bracelets

Festival bracelet vendors


Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

 Site information from Stefan

This is the back entrance, where you can approach the fort from the danube (with a pier for boats!)
In the middle of this yard is a big openair stage. http://goo.gl/maps/3CxTX
In this part of the fort right behind the stage, are two big rooms: http://goo.gl/maps/Ioi5W
To the left of the symmetric center is a bare room, where if there's rain we can sleeping, or keep sensitive material locked from the environment.
To the right of this is a big conference room.
This whole area to the back is obscured by a big pile of earth
..and then you have this huge ground.
In the lower right there are some old military vehicles and we are supposed to be camping in either The topleft part of the fort or here in the back area to the left of the fort
I think the latter is perfect for a silent zone, and maybe the hq
So this back part is really cool, you go through the inner walls, and you arrive between the inner and outer walls
this is like the entrance
the walled garden :)
This is where you come in, and go to the upper or lower walled gardens to the left/right: http://goo.gl/maps/Mauqv http://goo.gl/maps/s132q
So the only problem is, how to get power (and internet) from here to http://goo.gl/maps/c0kJ4 and here
some military porn in the south east area

Transportation checklist

  • food: see food section
  • video (talks): camera + power supply, miniDV casettes, tripod
  • audio (music): mixing console, microphones, amplifier, speakers, cabling
  • showing off: LED display, reprap
  • workshops: soldering irons, solder, kits, desktop lamps, extension cords

Sample letter for invites

Hi guys,
the Hackerspace Budapest invites you to our own small camp:


On OHM2013 members of the Hungarian Autonomous Center for Knowledge (H.A.C.K.)
decided to organize a series of smaller camps, starting with number zero out
of practice and to indicate that this camp will be an alpha version for fun,
profit, and gathering experience for similar events in the future.

The date can be considered final, the camp will start on Friday 27 September
2013, and will end on Sunday 29 September 2013.

Location: Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary

- security of whistleblowing platforms
- GSM and Android hacking
- Duqu-Flame-Miniflame abuse
- Post-Snowden crypto
- Non-profit ISP
- Lockpicking and electronics workshop
- lightning talks regarding security, privacy, and hacking
- hardware and software workshops
- beer


Twitter: @campzer0
E-mail: campzer0@hsbp.org
IRC: #campzer0 @ IRCnet

you are most cordially invited to participate.
we'll work out the details as we go.

If you are interested, please register yourself a ticket at http://ticket.hsbp.org/campzer0
This would be very helpful for us to measure the volume of participants for food/booze/place

datalove and happy hacking,


Lost & Found


  • "R" key of a thinkpad, found by boldi, ask skully! :)


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