Hungary, 1056 Budapest, Bástya utca 12.
How to get there


The hackerspace aims to bring people with similar interests together in space and time. If you're interested, hop in, and see it for yourself. You can see whether we're open or closed on the banner below and on Twitter IRC as well. You can also call us on +36 1 HI5 HACK (+36 1 445 4225) to check who's there and how long it may stay open.


Mailing list

Of course we're present in the virtual realm as well, we're happy to answer your questions on our public mailing list, which you can subscribe to by sending a mail to hspbp+subscribe@googlegroups.com. (Mostly Hungarian, but mails English usually get responses in English.)


You can send us e-mail as well, which is like the mailing list, but read by much less people: hack@hsbp.org


  1. hspbp @ IRCnet

 about the hspbp - hsbp rename

In the virtual realm, our name got changed from hspbp.org to hsbp.org. Because of this, there's a bit of a mixup regarding our contact info. Basically use what you find. In practice, if you get no reaction, try adding or removing that 'p' and try again.

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Upcoming Events

1)  Wed 19 of Dec, 2018 17:00 CET
Érdeklődők fogadása
2)  Fri 21 of Dec, 2018 19:00 CET
Cryptonite - Zero-knowledge proofs (or smart conract reversing)
3)  Sat 22 of Dec, 2018 14:00 CET
Pump It Up