Miniserver on the Rasberry Pi to replace virtual machines.


The Rasberry Pi and other necessary Gear are on the project shelf. Anyone coming in is WELCOME to hack it, BUT you will need an SD card (2GB+, Class 4+). Please do NOT mess with the data on the SD card you find in the Rasberry Pi, unless you have explicit permission. Thanks. :)

At the moment the project is on a test run in the hardware room below the router...

Ask: maxigas, mrt


  • HDMI cable
  • beamer (in its usual place, not at the project shelf)
  • micro USB power cable / phone charger
  • USB keyboard
  • card reader
  • memory card (Maxel HCSD Class 10 — even too fast, see below...)


"My card is an 8GB SanDisk Extreme class 10, which is too fast for the stock kernel
and the RPi doesn’t boot. Therefor we need a newer kernel. Grab the tarball from
https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/tree/master/boot and overwrite the files on the sd

from http://dev.shyd.de/2012/07/raspberry-pi-setup-debia-sandisk-extreme/

Alternative OSs: http://elinux.org/RPi_Distributions#Available_Distributions

Hard floating point support (sometimes it can be 10x faster): http://www.raspbian.org/

Wheezy beta image (we are currently rolling with this one, boots Class 10 HCSD w/o mods, and has a special rasp-config menu): http://www.raspberrypi.org/archives/1435


Running a test node at http://pitron.dyndns.org/

Using bozohttpd to serve ikiwiki farm


We want to use 3d printing for this but in the meantime...

Case for 0.5 EUR from the EURO SHOP.

Just bought a case for Raspberry Pi in the EURO SHOP: a soap holder.

Back in the lab, cutting the holes, putting the soap box to good use:


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