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2015-07-09 - 2015-07-12

Task / duties contributors:

Food / catering (equipment, purchasing, cooking)

  • endre (food purchasing from Slovakia)
  • ugur (cooking)
  • stf (cooking)

Transportation (rental stuff, driving)

  • endre (generic transportation)
  • dnet (generic transportation)
  • david (generic transportation)

Infrastructure (power, network, common area tents, radios)

  • endre (switches, wifi APs, several PMRs)
  • stf (network builup/teardown)
  • ha5kbp (radios)

Audio/Video infrastructure (recording, lighting)

  • dnet (overseeing people learning to use HAVOC recording/audio equipment)

Cashflow management (collect money, pay bills, calculate budget)

Contributors to this page: Avyd , dnet , stef and endre .
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