On the 31th of October, 2009 the FSF.hu Foundation organizing the "Free Software Conference and Exhibition, 2009" event. We would like to invite your organization to exhibit on this event


  • Twitted during the exhibition on the Twitter .
  • We had great success with the glider on the nutella bread
  • Pictures in Pufi's picasa album.
  • first technical introduction to the public. A lot of people were interrested

Preparation Ideas

What to do to make us attractive?

CACert certifications

  • needs to be advertised on CACert-en.
  • printed CAP forms,
  • some assurer


Needs to be operational.
Carry on, carry on :)

Promo materials


Who'll be there
  • I'll be in Barcelona... ): - stef
  • misnyo
  • dnet
  • pufi
  • gadget

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