Adhoc version 0
Because you cant have internet everywhere.

Main features:
-1TB (its a lot) storage to cache: films, music, books.. and the big idea is to use the router as default internet access point, route the traffic trough the Bananapi server and cache all downloaded content. Why would you discard all the information that you already have if you can save and share them later.
Caching would be done with squidproxy. Havent tried yet, but main obstacles are:
How to cache encrypted traffic? Forget encryption, because its not needed for research/learning/media content? Deencrypt and reencrypt at the server, but that would lead to scary warning at user end?
-Advertisement (if i could figure out how to redirect every new user once to my website which is hosted locally)
-Sharing internet: mikrotik is configured to automatically connect to Upc Wi-free access point. It can be a client of a wifi and be an AccessPoint at the same time, which is great!

Benefits of routing all devices trough this "portable lan"
Cache, connect the router automatically to vpn, or tor and having a Lan is just great, I love the idea of my own version of internet.

Right now it has 3 parts:
Banana Pi R1: arm based pc, runs slightly modified debian, gigabit ethernet, sata connection
Mikrotik HAP lite: nice gui, microusb/small powerdraw, portable, not gigabit :(
Powerbank: 12000mah
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