Are you interested in Hackerspace, but you don't know when to come? There is no fix program, you can ask any questions, you can join every time, but if you just want to look around silently, we don't raise our voice. :)

We decided to make an event to evoke memories of the old events called "törzsasztal" and "hack csütörök" (hack Thursday), and to make the chance for those who want to know the place and the community in a bounded and plannable timeslot.

What could be expected?


  • Let's cook! (skully) - ... because the last privacsi was so long ago! :)
  • Any suggestions/projects? (Please update the Hungarian too, thx!)

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Upcoming Events

1)  Tue 21 of Feb, 2017 19:00 CET
2)  Tue 28 of Feb, 2017 19:00 CET
3)  Tue 07 of Mar, 2017 19:00 CET
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