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The building where H.A.C.K. resided till April 2012.

Web: http://www.fogashaz.hu/(external link)
Address: 1073 Budapest, Akácfa u. 51.

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To get there

By local public transportation

400m(ca 1/4 mile) walk from the tram station(line 4 or 6) Wesselényi utca. Start walking toward west(toward Danube) on the Wesselényi street, turn right on the second corner to the Akácfa street. Go along the street until ca 30m just before the next corner. There is the entrance on the right.

By train

Who comes by train, they can access the trams mentioned above at the West End (Nyugati) train station travelling to the south 3 stations, coming from the South(Déli and East (Keleti) end train stations, they need to got to the Blaha Lujza tér station with the tube nr.2 (which is noted with red color). From Blaha Lujza square you can take the tram 4 or 6 (as mentioned above) for one station to the north or as an alternative you can walk along the Akácfa street ca 600m(starting from the Burger King), directly to the Fogasház admiring the marvellous architecture of the late 19th century.
Remark: Take care on pickpockets!

By bike

If someone likes to drive on official bike road, can take the Andrássy street has to turn to south at the Nagymező street (Where the big red electric bus crossing). Then take the path and at the Klauzál square you have to cross the building on the left. (There is a passage thru the market)
Remark: Take care with the cars! They are bigger, can harm serious injuries!!!

By car

The Akácfa street is a one-way road to the north. According to the current Budapest city traffic design logic, sometimes it is necessary to take some loops and tricks. However it is possible to get there.
Parking place is almost always available.
Parking charge: 360HUF/hrs from 8a.m.-8.p.m. (Charge has to be payed at the blue parkomat posts located in the near. SMS payment is also available with the number printed on the post)
There is a parking house under Akácfa street 60. Pricing unknown yet.
Remark: Use a GPS if its possible or print the OpenStreetMap above

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